Years ago, I used to continuously work on my mind alone while not listening to my body. I would end up being hard on myself for not being strong enough with my habits and the changes I wanted to make in my life.

I used to believe that I did not have a strong mind or “growth mindset”. This belief led to harsh self-talk which I was unconscious of. I would constantly put myself down and not feel good enough.

The more I started exploring this, the more I realised that this belief and the negative self-talk was not unique to me alone. It has become so common that no one questions or shares their self-belittling.

At the same time, everyone I met talked about the power of the mind alone. And this led to the belief and conclusion that if one is not able to achieve something, then it must be due to their mindset.

These two things are happening concurrently – putting importance on the mind alone and the inner belittling. This creates internal confusion and fear. Meanwhile the body keeps sending other messages and feelings which we start to suppress, leading to shame and a sense of failure.

And this internal and external shame has become part of our culture.

I see this particularly in the women I mentor and coach. Strong, driven corporate and business women who are passionate and ambitious. Yet at the same time they’re very critical about themselves and about the emotions their body feels.

During the first month of us working together, I can see the aggression in the minds of my clients. It denies them of their need for rest, health and wellbeing. This eventually stops them from achieving higher success in their careers. They start to surprise themselves within three months of us working together when they realise that their criticism and denial of their body’s messages were actually a hindrance to their success.

We are not meant to live life in a disconnected and emotionless state.

We are meant to feel the full spectrum of emotions that make us human and use this information for our growth and success.

We are meant to feel the aliveness that rushes through us and touches every part of our body when we experience anything.

So what led to this belief that a “growth mindset” alone is enough?

The faulty system that teaches us that our mind alone is powerful enough to create change. No one talks about the other components that are needed for true and lasting change. One of them is the body.

I did not realise until four years ago, after keeping a daily body-mind practice for some time, that I had been cut off from my body to a large extent. Even though I had gained a lot of knowledge and experience in the field of nutrition, health and mindset due to my studies and work with clients, no one was teaching that if we are always in our mind, real changes can’t happen.

Yes, every yoga pose or exercise talks about taking a deep breath but the benefit of that can’t be felt fully if we are not in touch with our bodies.

I started to experiment with simple daily habits, routines and practices that would start to establish the connection with my body. The more established my connection with my body became, the more I noticed this missing link in others.

That’s when I started noticing that most people around me were also dis-associated from their bodies.

Due to the fast-paced life we live, overuse of technology and lack of awareness, people have forgotten how to be in their bodies. Most of us are constantly running from one place to another and have forgotten to even take a breath in between. Our nervous system is usually in fight and flight mode and does not feel safe to be in a rest state even while sleeping. Either we are too emotional or we are too much in our minds during the day.

Most people around are operating in these states. They have started to believe that there is no other way possible unless they change their lives drastically. On top of that, the solutions that are sold to solve this problem seem to preach a completely different life.

Quit your Job and that will stop the stress.
Change your diet completely – Go Vegan or Go Paleo or Go Keto – it will bring complete clarity to your mind.
Leave the relationship where your needs are not met and start repeating self-love affirmations to attract the right person.

I am sure you can think of many such examples and you may have even bought into these solutions in the hope of change.

And you have soon released that this does not work for you!!! Right?

You are not alone! These solutions can’t work because they are missing the most basic link.

Keep reading and it will make sense!!!

Once we start to establish the connection between the body and mind, we start to experience balance. This leads to us connecting with information that will help us reach our goals faster and with less effort.

It is not possible to undergo a long lasting change without the body-mind connection. I am not talking about change that requires a lot of effort. And disciplining our mind does need effort. I am talking about a change that becomes natural, effortless and embodied.

Who does not want that?

To embody something so it becomes a natural way of being. This is not a mind concept. It requires us to create the link between our body and mind.

That is why I am so passionate about embodiment!!!

The word “body” in embodiment gives a clue to its meaning.

When we feel something at the body level, it is an experience that can’t be forgotten or easily moved away from. If you were to look into your past, the strongest and most vivid memories are when you are fully feeling it through your body. Those things feel real and bring a surge of emotions.

Anything that is a mental concept only is not something that becomes our reality. So, the self-talk or external sources that tell you that you are disempowered, disconnected or have a lack of boundaries mean nothing unless your body starts to tell you otherwise.

For the last three years, my work has shifted to creating simple practical tools for busy women living high pressure lives to re-establish the body-mind connection so they can experience embodied change that is long-lasting and transformational.

And change can be fun and does not need drastic actions when we start to invoke this connection. But the results are drastic and life changing. I can say that without a doubt.

True change happens when we embody true it!!!!

If you are ready to create an embodied change that is long-lasting in your work and health, book a free discovery call.

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