Exercise has become a routine habit for me over the last 10 years. I now define any kind of movement that brings up sweat as exercise. Over the years, I have developed the ability to listen to my body and give it the kind of movement it needs. I know what’s the right kind of exercise for me depending on what is happening in my life. And in recent years, I’ve noticed the parallel between incorporating exercise in my daily life and my career success.

After working with numerous clients and helping them create an exercise habit that contributes to success in their careers and personal lives, I believe the right kind of exercise depends upon your lifestyle, needs, and stress levels.

These days I find myself enjoying walking, yoga, non-linear movement, running, strength training, and HIIT. But there was a time when exercise of any kind felt like another chore. At that time my relationship to exercise was limited to weight loss or getting a toned body.


As I started listening to my body, my relationship to exercise shifted. Exercise now brings me joy. It helps me connect deeper to my body and all the sensations that it sends as messages. At the same time, I reap the benefits of having a fit body.

This led to an experiment measuring my performance at work in comparison with the times when I was exercising regularly and times when I was not exercising regularly. The difference between the two, and how exercise affected my career success, was not something I could ignore.

My attitude and approach to work was completely different. I realised that when I move my body on a daily basis, the energy, passion, and light-hearted feeling I embodied, helped me find more creative solutions.

People don’t necessarily think of exercise as a must when they think of success in their careers. Success is usually talked about in terms of money, ROI, revenue generation, and rarely in terms of qualities that are ‘transferable skills’ from one job to another.

I am often asked how body movement is related to tangible things like money. Body movement/exercise is a must and non-negotiable if you want to be successful in both your career and personal life.

So what are the few common qualities that you should embody to be successful in any career? Some that come to my mind are:

– amazing focus

– ability to be quick on your feet

– producing consistent results.

In this article, I want to discuss how daily exercising can create the foundation for developing these qualities which will in turn lead to a successful career.

1) Shift the focus from mental chatter to clarity:

Many of us tend to have an overactive mind. This can be partly attributed to our sedentary lifestyle or that we don’t have the right exercise routine based on our life conditions.

An overactive mind leads to constant chatter in the head. This means that our energy is more concentrated in the upper part of the body (head, neck, and shoulders). And most of our decision making is usually based on messages we get from that chatter. An exercise routine structured around our lifestyle and stress levels can help us to distribute that energy to the rest of the body. The connection between body-mind starts to develop.

As professional working women, we want our decisions to come from the centred place of the body-mind connection. Otherwise, we will miss information that only our body can sense. Daily movement is a must to slowly start building that connection. As we move, we are forced to pay attention to our bodies. This leads to an even spread of awareness across the body, mind, and heart.


“We cannot solve our problems with the same thinking we used when we created them.” – Albert Einstein

2) Increase in productivity

Focus leads to higher productivity. When we can focus, our ability to quickly finish tasks is improved. Sometimes it can be hard to tell what is focus, especially when we are constantly running from one thing to another. Another way to think of this is we are focused when we are not feeling scattered.

So how can exercise help you focus?

Exercising daily, even for 15minutes, leads to a higher level of physical energy which leads to an increase in focus and stamina. Focus leads to getting work done quicker and stamina helps us endure long work hours.

Who does not want that? Our days are getting busier with what needs to be done. Results are not based on how much we can do, they are based on how quickly we can do something.

Imagine a week with that big deadline – you need your stamina and you develop your stamina by incrementally increasing your exercise over a period of time.

Now imagine all the things on your long to-do list – hundreds of emails, work meetings, networking events, actual work. They feel neverending!!!!

RESULT: With daily movement or exercise OUR ABILITY to focus on one task at a time (less scattered) gets better and we get things done quickly. Also, we are able to discern what needs to be done now and what can wait.

3) Ability to respond to change

The right kind of exercise for our body can help in developing the ability to manage change – agility.

Let me explain how exercise can help with this. Stay with me!!!

Physical energy is generated when you exercise or move. This physical energy makes you stay in motion and keep alert to the changing circumstances. Agility is the power of moving quickly and easily.

You need agility in your skillset. Our world is constantly changing now more than ever. We need awareness and the ability to handle constant change, the pressures of work and life, and to develop emotional resilience to manage anything that life throws at us.

You can tell when someone is present and alert at the same time. It’s a skill that most effective leaders have – presence and ability to respond to changing circumstances. That is a skill that can be developed and exercise/daily movement is important for that.

RESULT: When you do exercises that challenge your body on a daily basis, you start to become MORE AGILE in your responses and more PRESENT in your body.

4) Confidence & embodiment

When you have an unshakable trust in your ability, career success is one step closer. That is confidence!!! And when you can feel your confidence rather than it being just a mental concept, you start to embody it.

The more you feel your body and the emotions that you might have suppressed, the easier it is to stand up for your belief in who you are. Daily exercise helps in improving fitness, strength, agility, and self-esteem. It also lets you release the pent-up emotions more easily without having to go through the need to process everything cognitively or emotionally.

Have you heard the term – “Shake it off”? We learn to shake off our daily stressors through movement. This ability to cope with daily stressors improves our self-confidence from the inside. And it’s not just about the physical changes you see in your body. You start to inhabit your body and become more embodied. Embodied confidence is not a mind game alone, you need to work with the body over time.


As a working woman juggling family life and work life, you need clarity, focus, productivity, stamina, agility, and embodied confidence to produce the kind of results you dream of in your. Your time is limited. You have many priorities. Daily movement/exercise is a simple way to start to connect with your body so you can build on the qualities you need to be successful.

It all comes down to having the right set of tools and systems in place in your life to help you develop these qualities. Exercise /daily movement that is practical, that fits your lifestyle and is customised to your body is one of the tools that I mentor people with.

Are you ready to increase your focus, productivity, and confidence? Do you feel you have no time to exercise and it can wait until you have more time or money?

I can help you develop the success hybrid so that you can have the health and vitality you want alongside your kickass career. Book you free discovery call.

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