Stress & Emotion Regulating Intensive

Build your toolkit

90-minute intensive session + week long coaching support + 30-minute follow up for passionate
driven working women to create your unique stress-buster toolkit so that you can
feel confident, be in control and be kickass in your work and life.

I – Do you wish that someone would look at your life, understand how much pressure are under, and know exactly what changes to make to beat the stress?

II – Do you feel scattered, out of control, and not knowing what else you can do to feel better most of the time?

III – Do you want to be armed with a number of tools and techniques that will help you deal with stress each
and every day?

IV – Are you ready to take responsibility for your health and the choices you make for managing your energy
which impacts your work and life?

If you answered yes to any of the above,
Then this Building Your Stress-Buster Toolkit Intensive is perfect for you!

Learning to work with the stress in our lives is a game-changer for career growth and joy that comes from other parts of life.

“It isn’t stress that makes us fall – it’s how we respond to stressful events.”
– Wayde Goodall

I know you’ve heard such statements many times, but you often don’t know what to do to change your response and stress levels. Have you tried every new method recommended by health and wellness bloggers? You follow them on Insta, listen to podcasts, and own all the books on healthy habits for success…. but none of it’s sticking.

Am I right?

Here’s the thing. Your career and life is unique to you and the way your body responds to any situation is unique. So that means you need to find easy solutions that will work for YOU in YOUR day to day life so you can get out of the autopilot or survival mode and start to create some space in your mind and life.

Does this feel like you? yess? YOU are in the right place!

I’ve created this 90-minute intensive + week-long support + 30-minute follow up to take you from, “I am so stressed and have no time for anything.” to having a toolkit of strategies that will leave you feeling more in control and empowered – curated especially for you, your career and your life.

After our time together, you’ll walk away feeling clear, knowing exactly what to do to respond to stress as well as having a toolkit of strategies that you can refer back to and use every day. You’ll also get a glimpse of what is possible when we connect to the deeper wisdom from stress.


  • Work through 2 stressful scenarios (in any area of life – work, emotional eating, relationship, sleep) over the past week or longer to understand how your stress shows up.
  • Gain clarity on what you could do in these scenarios to have a different outcome.
  • Develop a toolkit of strategies designed uniquely for you so you have the confidence to respond consciously in any situation.
  • Discover any limiting beliefs that stop you from making changes for your growth and wellbeing.
  • How to start your day so that you can feel empowered and ready to conquer your day (customised for your unique life)
What is included:


  • A prequestionnaire to gather your thoughts and to use our time together efficiently
  • 75-90 minutes 1:1 coaching session, using Zoom (you can show up just the way you are in your environment while feeling like we’re sitting in the same room) where we dive into the 2 stressful situations, look at how you feel and respond currently, explore strategies to manage stress and create an action plan to carry you forward as well as activating your confidence in your ability to manage stress straight away.
  • Recording of our session so you can view the repay as and when you need so that you walk away with a clear stress buster toolkit to carry you through.
  • Weeklong support via VOXER (which is an app that we can use for text and voice memos) where you can ask questions about how to implement those strategies in real scenarios. This is where the magic happens when you have me helping you transform in real time. 
  • A follow up 1:1 30-minute coaching call to ask questions and work through anything else that came up and define the next steps to regulating stress, managing emotions, and feeling alive.

bonus offer

If you decide to move into my VIP 1:1 coaching program – Manage Stress,
Master Self-Care and Feel Alive within 10 days of your intensive 50% of your
investment in this intensive will be applied to your first invoice. This means you save
$500 as soon as you join.



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