I posted my first Facebook video recently.
It was short, impromptu, and vulnerable for me.
It felt like an important next step.
And it was interesting to watch the before and after of how I reacted.

I finished recording and then threw a huge tantrum about why it made no sense to post the video.
It led to shedding of some tears.
Once I did post (sitting through the fear), it was great to receive so much love and encouragement.

I realised how easy it is to get caught up in our stories and not do what we are being nudged to do.
But I also realised how easy it is to push yourself too far too soon in a state of excitement.

I am all about doing things when the energy is high.
But how long can that energy last for?
Then we often find we need coffee or other things to get us into these high energy states.

There is nothing wrong with substances.
I love a good cup of coffee.
But there is a difference in wanting a coffee vs needing a coffee.

When we are constantly overriding our body and our nervous system, we crash and burn again and again.

I was the queen of doing that.
A typical Type A.
Trying new things and succeeding at them.
Lived in three countries and four new cities – DONE
Starting fresh at every place– DONE
Beginning new careers from scratch and loved the high – DONE
Taking many personal development courses to figure myself and others out – DONE

Let’s not forget all the exercises I was doing to be fit.

Meanwhile forgetting my body and nervous system.
There was an underlying sense of tension – anxiety – overwhelm.
It was not something that needed the attention of a doctor, but it was big enough for me to feel rushed.

SOMETHING had to change.
I started to apply all the tools and techniques I had learnt over the years in my training.
But something still seemed to be missing.
It was time to find a method that would work for me.
It took some time involving experimentation, patience, and commitment.
And finally, I felt better in my mind, body and soul.

My work still got done – actually, the results were better and quicker.
But it was not at my mind’s pace.
It was at the pace of my body.

My body stopped waking me up in the middle of the night with overwhelming thoughts.
It started communicating with me when something was too much
by showing me a big “STOP SIGN” in its language.
How else is our body supposed to tell us that we are running it to the ground?

So, after posting my first Facebook video I woke up in the middle of that night at 2am and could not sleep until 5am.
The old familiar underlying sensations which I had gotten used to not being there were back.

I was planning to post another video the day after.
I loved the adrenaline high I got along with the fear and other emotions.
Instead, I decided to listen to my body.
My nervous system and my body gave me a message to “SLOW DOWN”.
By waking up in the middle of the night, it was asking me to listen.
“This is too fast for me.”

My body needed time to get used to this level of visibility.
The old me would have listened to my mind’s pace of getting things done NOW.
I had a clear plan and an idea of what I wanted to achieve.
The type-A part of me still wanted to listen to the driven mind.

Yet, I had learnt my lessons.
Time and time again I have learnt the benefits of listening to my body.
Crashing always took a long time to come back from.
If I listen to messages my body is giving, eventually I would start to feel safe.
And my body will work with me to achieve all my goals.

So, I decided to listen to my body.
I used all the tools that are needed at this time.
Meditation, self-inquiry and movement tools that created grounding and deep rest in the body.
I started to feel better.
I started to calm down.

Of course, our body and nervous system will react whenever we do something new.
It’s not about going back in our shell and not trying new things.
It’s about listening to the message the body is sending us so we can give it what it needs at that moment.
So, it can feel safer and grow faster.

I did post another Facebook video after a day of rest.
Meanwhile, I decided to do something that would make my nervous system feel less scared.
So, instead, I decided to write a post on Facebook.

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