Our body speaks to us. It provides us with information all the time. Its way of giving a message is very different from what we think it should be. We expect our bodies to always be feeling great and energized. And when our bodies are not in a state of thriving, we think something is wrong with us. We don’t understand that when the body is in a state of distress, it is giving us a signal of what is happening under the surface. Those messages shown via symptoms of body ache, addictions, and illness, are the messages for help.

How else will our body tell us that our environment, our lifestyle, and the people around are not good for our wellbeing?

Our body does not speak to us in the same language as our mind. Our mind communicates through our thoughts. Emotions, feelings, and sensations are the language of the body.

None of us are taught the language of our bodies. We don’t know how to pay attention to the subtle messages it gives us through the feedback of creating illness or any symptom.

So, whenever any sensation arises from our body, we just look to fix it rather than listen to what is the message underneath that sensation.

Recently in a session with my client, we were discussing what exactly stress means. She was saying that many doctors have told her to reduce stress in the past, but no one has clarified as to what steps she needs to take to eliminate stress from her life.

She did not have a reference point of working women with kids having a fit body, a healthy mind, and enjoying life while managing a team at work. So she let her health suffer and never addressed this buzz word – ‘stress’. To her, this was normal as everyone she knew seemed to be going through the same issues.

She struggled with this for years before she was introduced to me by her friend. When we started to work together, we started using tools to help decode the messages her body was showing through symptoms of stress.
Scatteredness, lack of concentration at times, sleepless nights, feeling overwhelmed with the number of things to do, always feeling lack of time, feeling she was always on the go, were the various symptoms she used to face on a weekly basis.

We explored how stress showed up in her life, her daily routine, her relationship to self, how she showed up in the world, her boundaries, her nutrition, exercise, and self-talk to understand the connection between these all.

Once we were able to get to the bottom of what her body was telling her by creating the symptoms of stress, we knew how to respond to those messages. We knew what habits and tools she needed to include to heal her symptoms of stress permanently.

Words like stress, chronic fatigue, burnout are thrown so casually that it has almost become like a status symbol. People assume that stress is all about busy corporate life. They keep focusing on ways to run away from their busy life by going on holidays and paying high doctor bills whilst still not addressing the root cause of stress.

While I worked in my corporate career for 12 years, I believed the same and made corporations the evil entities that led to stress. That was the common belief held then and it has still not changed.

Years later, I started my own business leading a team of 30 people. Even though it’s a venture based on holistic health and we had a great environment, I was surprised to realise that it didn’t reduce the symptoms of stress for me.

This showed me, stress is not actually caused by your environment (or state of mind). I had left my corporate job to get away from Stress, changed my state of mind when I started my business but Stress still followed me.

It’s only when I started addressing the root cause of all of my symptoms – emotional eating, overwhelm, lack of concentration, sleepless nights, adrenal fatigue, weight issues, etc that I realized that none of this had to do with my work.

Actually, my work suffered because of having these symptoms. My body was giving me feedback which I needed to understand in order to create amazing mental, emotional and physical health.

Having addressed all these issues through my 3 Key pillars approach of Body-Mind Integration + Wellbeing in core areas (exercise, relationships, play, spirituality, career) + Nutritional power, I saw my corporate career as well as my business reach phenomenal growth. It became clear that optimal health creates greater success in the workplace as well as all the obvious physical benefits. This is the approach I use as the foundation of my work with my clients. Though no one’s journey into wellness is the same, these principles do apply to everyone.

The cookie-cutter approaches to health don’t create a permanent change. Because the way your body sends signals is unique to you and once you learn to listen to them, you can create thriving health that fits in with your current lifestyle.

What signals of distress and discomfort is your body giving to you? Are you getting to the root cause of these symptoms or are you suppressing them? book a free discovery call with me to discuss your health.

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